Three casino games where you need luck or intuition


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What is the first game that comes to mind when you think of casinos? Is it poker? Or is it roulette? Maybe slot machines?

None of the answers is wrong, although a casino with only these three games would be very boring. People like variety. Some like to test their wits, others like to leave things to chance.

Casino games can be divided into two groups – slot machines and table games. Table games can be divided in many ways, but basically they fall into two broad groups, one of which could be called pure games of chance (where everything depends on chance) and the other group could be called strategic games (which are mostly card games).

An example of a good old-fashioned game of chance is bingo, the rules of which many people have known since childhood, for example as the ‘ball game’. In this game, each participant is given a piece of paper with different numbers on it, and the game master then draws different numbers. In turn, the player marks the numbers that coincide with the draw. The winner of the game is the first player to cover all the numbers.

Roulette is also a game of chance, although some may tell you that you can win at roulette with a few strategies. No, roulette is more about intuition or a lucky chance. The rules of the game are very simple – you have to predict where the ball will stop as it rolls along the wheel. If you’re particularly confident you can suggest a specific number, but if you’re just learning, it’s enough to guess whether the ball will land in the red or black pocket. If it’s your first time in a casino, it’s definitely worth getting a taste of gambling on the roulette wheel.


The card game baccarat is also appreciated in casinos for its simplicity. Even though the game uses cards, it’s still a game where strategy is of no use. The essence of baccarat is that, although you are playing against a dealer (banker), your aim is not to beat him. The aim is to guess correctly who will win. You place bets either on your own win, the banker’s win, or a draw. The cards are then dealt, and the winner is the one whose cards add up to eight or nine. There’s no strategy here, but it’s worth remembering that while you may look like a winner at first, you’re actually a loser if you bet on the banker.

Of course, these aren’t the only casino games where players can test their luck or their luck. But you can’t get through strategy games without getting unlucky, whereas you can get through roulette, bingo or baccarat without a strategy. Just enjoy the casino atmosphere and hope for the best!

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