The technical side of online casino games


technical side of online casino

Nowadays, online gambling is becoming increasingly widespread. Many of the most successful casinos and sports betting portals are launching new websites and trying to expand the range of services they offer. Nowadays, online casinos have evolved to the point where they are as similar as possible to a traditional casino. Often this means that the only difference between a real casino and an online casino is that the player sees the same things happening on the screen, but is simply not there. This is the result of digitising all possible casino processes to make the service as convenient as possible for the player. Very interesting technological solutions are used. Here are some examples of blackjack and roulette to understand how what you see on the screen technically works.


In a casino, Blackjack usually requires a table, a deck of cards, players and a dealer. The dealer draws cards from the deck, deals them to the players, tallies up their scores and awards chips to the winners. In an online casino, when the game is played over a video bridge, everything works in the same way, but these operations must also run digitally in parallel so that the player can start the next game and make decisions as quickly as possible. All of this is based on a simple scanner that identifies the uniquely bar-coded cards that are drawn from the deck. The scanned cards are used to calculate the players’ scores quickly and players do not have to wait for the dealer to tally the results. There is also no need to tally up the results for verification purposes.

Another very popular casino game, roulette, has a slightly more sophisticated technology based on sensors. As in the case of blackjack, roulette in online casinos is no different from roulette in a regular casino. However, online roulette makes the dealer’s job easier and offers advantages to players. In fact, the online casino is much more transparent and fraud-proof. The rotation of the ball is sensed by sensors on the inside of the roulette wheel, but the outcome is determined by cameras above the roulette wheel and sensors inside the wheel, which in turn correctly determine the outcome. In this way, the player’s bets are quickly used to decide the winner and pay out the winnings immediately.

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