Guide to Eligible Betting for Beginners 2023


Eligible Betting

Matched betting, also known as “bonus hunting”, is a unique form of gambling designed for players who want to make risk-free profits through their bookmakers’ offers. Like other gambling endeavours such as sports betting and online casino gaming, it involves using the best betting sites available. However, unlike conventional betting, players do not rely on luck or experience. Instead, they only need to make a profit:

  • A little money to invest
  • Just a few money
  • A secure betting account
  • A free bet to wager on a specific sporting event

However, players need to arm themselves with a lot of knowledge about this type of betting, especially if they are just starting out. Reading this comprehensive guide to the end is a great start, as it covers the most important things to understand about matched betting. These include:

It’s easy!

Matched betting is simple and can be learnt by anyone, regardless of whether they have any prior knowledge of gambling. Usually, players can back bet or bet. The former means that they back a specific outcome in their online sportsbook, and if it comes true, they win. On the other hand, by placing a bet, they are simply betting against the same outcome on their preferred betting exchange.

Something else that makes betting easy is its legality, so there is no need to worry about a clash with the authorities. Moreover, they don’t have to invest in any IP blocking software or worry about losing their betting accounts if they get caught.

Players need to be strategic

be strategic

Yes, matched betting is a real piece of cake for most gambling enthusiasts. However, that doesn’t mean first-timers should dive in head first. Instead, they can incorporate a few things into their betting strategies to ensure that they enjoy the lucrative experience that they anticipate.

Firstly, it is best to start slowly, preferably with a single free bet. This gives players a chance to learn how this simple form of gambling works. It also builds their confidence so that when their bookmakers offer more complex offers, they can make the most of them.

In addition, players should be cautious when choosing which sporting events to bet on. It is sensible to give preference to popular ones that are about to happen, as their odds are somewhat stable. In addition, the result is known after a short period of time, eliminating the anxiety that comes with waiting a long time for bets to settle.

In addition, each player has to keep track of their accounts and remember everything about them. Convenient information includes the balance in their bookmaker account and the exchange and login details to access it.

The chances of compliance are critical

To bet successfully, punters need to learn how to match the odds provided by their sportsbook and exchange. It is best if they are identical to maximise the chances of making a significant profit. But obviously this might not be the easiest task for a beginner who barely understands what is going on in the betting world. Matching bets is likely to take more time than necessary, mix them up and ultimately lead to malfunctions.

Fortunately, a popular, reputable odds finder can be used to find the best events for qualifying. This saves them time and improves the quality of the matched betting experience.

In particular, the oddsmatcher platform is a valuable tool for professionals and beginners, so the latter do not have to feel “inferior” when using it.

Terms and conditions apply

Terms and conditions

As with other bonuses, free bets in matched betting come with different terms and conditions. For example, these offers cannot be claimed twice without risking account closure. Sometimes these requirements are strict, making it harder for players to enjoy the promotion. And of course, without it, making a profit is impossible.

The bettor must know the terms of his free bet and confirm that he can comfortably comply with them before putting his money at risk. If they find the conditions unfavourable, they should wait to receive the next raise, which they will use to get the sports bettor.

Adequate liquidity is required

In matched betting, liquidity refers to the amount available on the betting exchange for bettors to place their bets. This is stated directly below the expected odds and varies over time. One of the recommended tactics to avoid low liquidity is to select the most popular events on the exchange. However, this does not promise that there will be enough money. And if it doesn’t, the payer has to wait, unless he wants to spend more money to put his bet in line.

Hopefully, this easy-to-follow beginner’s betting guide gives interested players an idea of what is going on in this form of risk-free gambling. However, some players may find it easier to succeed in this sector than others, depending on their location and the sportsbook serving them. It is also worth noting that profits depend on the free bets they claim and their value.

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